SimGeeks Episode 10 Show notes and Reference guide


Reference guide below! Please feel free to download and share.

Show Notes from the Episode


The guys are joined by Nick Brauer to discuss cleaning and disinfecting your lab and everything in it. COVID19 is very much a concern for everyone involved in healthcare right now but the information contained in this episode will remain relevant long after the current pandemic has slowed. 

All of the items referenced in this episode will be added to this list as well as any other useful resources that are sent our way so please check back often and feel free to contribute.

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- Will and Dave

Resources and links: (PDF guide still to come!)

References from the PDF Guide


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Download The PDF Reference guide

For this guide we started with the information we gathered in researching for the episode and went several steps further. The first page is the reference guide with hyperlinks to the research. The second page is just the citations. Our goal was to give you the tools necessary to keep you and your students safe. As always, please give feedback, and SHARE it!

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