Simulation Tek

Moulage & Moulage education

Moulage Theory & Planning


Moulage is not just "Flinging blood and makeup". There should be a considerable amount of preplanning and thought that goes into each event. Classes are available to talk about the way to approach an MCI event. When to start planning, and the important safety items to make sure everyone learns from fake injuries, not real ones. 

Moulage Basics


Where to start into moulage? There is so much to understand and learn when starting into this field. We have classes that will go over basic theory and approach, but also give you an intro into the types of makeup and materials we use to get the most out of a learning exercise. 

Advanced Moulage


Ready to take your education further? Do you feel comfortable with the makeup mediums and approach to Moulage? These classes go into the advanced makeup, materials and methods that really engage your learners. Pros-aide transfers, silicone build-ups, advanced bleeding techniques, and encapsulated silicone to name a few. 

Moulage For Simulators & Task trainers


If you are using High Fidelity simulators, task trainers etc, then this is and important class. What makeup and materials can I use on my simulators? What could damage them? What special considerations should you think of? These are some of the topics covered. 

Conferences & Onsite education


We speak at numerous conferences and locations all over the country. Contact us and we will discus your needs and requirements that best suite the type of training you need. 

On site Education and application


Need to take it outside the classroom? Want Moulage Specialists to support your event and help work with your staff? Contact us!